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Estate Planning

From a simple will to a complex estate plan, Kathleen or Christopher will assist you in developing an estate plan that makes sense for you. Many clients benefit from a living trust, which allows one to avoid the time and expense involved in the probate process. A good estate plan is the foundation for assisting in the avoidance of needless and prohibitive estate taxes.

Probate and Estate Litigation

When your loved one dies, our office provides assistance in winding down their affairs. If a probate is required, we will assist the personal representative in working through the court process. Sometimes it is possible to avoid a full-blown probate through the use of summary probate proceedings. If your loved one had a living trust at death, we will assist with the legal details of trust administration.

Planned Giving

Advanced estate planning techniques are available for people who have strong charitable intent and are willing to give up some control of their assets. The use of strategic planned gifts may not only preserve assets for your heirs but also avoid estate and capital gains taxes. Charitable gifts or trusts may be an appropriate addition to your estate plan.

Will and Trust Litigation & Contests

When a family member or loved one dies without a will or with a will or trust that was poorly drafted, many times Will and Trust Contests result. Christopher represents executors, trustees, or beneficiaries in will or trust contests and is available to assist in such litigation.

Business Law

When a person owns a small business, setting up a Corporation, an LLC, or a Partnership might be prudent to limit liability, to produce certain tax savings, or to provide better benefits to owners and employees. Christopher can assist any small business owner in determining what business entity is right for them and help them in setting it up.


Christopher will meet with you to determine if bankruptcy is the best solution for your situation. He will evaluate your assets, income, & liabilities and advise you on your options.

With respect to the Bankruptcy aspect of our law practice, and in accordance with 11 United States Code Sec. 101, which stipulates that those who provide clients with legal advice and who represent clients in the filing of a Bankruptcy Petition in U.S. Bankruptcy Court are designated “Debt Relief Agencies,” Albrektson Law Offices is federally defined as a “Debt Relief Agency”. 

Bankruptcy law requires that you be given the following disclosures:
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